Meadow Of Delight necklace

SFr. 180.00

Wearing the Meadow Dream necklace is like wearing a flower poem around your neck; a recipe for fun and lightheartedness!

The protective rainbow of semi-precious gems is paired with mother-of-pearl flowers

Length of necklace: 22 cm. each side.

The sweet Mediterranean blue gives you an extra dose of success and strengthens the heart chakra.

Protector of peace and balanced emotions.

Royal Emerald with its Venusian green soothes the heart and brings harmony.

Lapis Lazuli
Brings in deep, blue wisdom like the night sky.

Clear Crystal
Refreshing like a mountain spring on a summer's day.

Clears whiny cobwebs and brings cheer.

- Each piece hand made in Zurich, Switzerland with lots of love and care by Nina 
- Each one is made to order; production time is 7 days
- free shipping worldwide-priority from Switzerland
- wrapped in a one of a kind vintage handkerchief



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