Mermaid Spell pastel necklace

SFr. 160.00

Turquoise, amethyst, baroque pearl, mother-of-pearl, 24k gold leaf on handmade polymer clay shell

length of necklace on each side: 23cm

Prescription: More joy, more giddiness, more seduction

Recipe: Amethyst, Turquoise, rose Pearls, mother-of-pearl, pastel shell

Mermaid gem, the deep veins of the earth. Soothes your forehead like the hand of your mum, opens your ears to hear your heart's song.
Bye bye depression and exhaustion, your heart is alive and bright with Turquoise!

Amethyst comes on wings through lavender fields, smart and fierce, loyal and enriching. Anxiety and fatigue reliever, inspiration magnet, grounding and uplifting, an all-around darling.

Pink Baroque freshwater pearl 
Morning dew and the strength of the ocean.

Mother of Pearl
Aphrodite rising from the salty, foamy waves. Heart healing through the ocean, ease and beauty, a magnet for good fortune.

- Each piece hand made in Zurich, Switzerland with lots of love and care by Nina in her sunny studio.
- Each one is made to order- production time is 7 days
- free shipping worldwide- priority from Switzerland
- wrapped in a vintage handkerchief




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