Astrogeography reading

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Astrogeography is a fantastic tool that I have been using to map out great trips and relocations for my family and friends for some years.

What is astrogeopgraphy?

Next to our astrological natal chart we also have a chart that spans the world, meaning certain planets "run through" locations for you.

These planetary influences can be felt in more or less positive ways.  There is always a reason, often easily tied to your natal chart why you were born on a certain planetary line, and you never HAVE to relocate, you can learn how to use those energies in your favor. 

When you think about your past vacations, apart from the people you were there with; which places made you feel so good and energized or nervous, on edge or sleepy? It's really fun to connect the dots in a reading in retrospect.

You can use locations to amplify what you want to expand in your life. I will also let you know how you can bring in these energies without having to travel at all. It's all workable!

It's always great to check a place that you are thinking of relocating to or a place you are thinking of visiting just so you have a heads-up for what might be amplified on that trip.

I was born and currently live on my Uranus line-summed up in a sentence : "there is never a dull momen", lots of ideas, changes and movements, that could be seen as restless but when I can utilize this energy and channel it to think and work a bit outside the box just like Uranus the rebel thinker I can make it work for me. 

I love to go on vacation on my Venus line (so sweeeet!) or a nice Jupiter line (very lucky), I do always cross-check for my whole family and whoever I travel with to find the best places for all of us.

After I receive your order I will send you a questionnaire to be able to understand what you are wanting to expand in your life, what we can look at together, and highlight the places you want to check out in detail. I offer the sessions for yourself, for couples or the whole family.

I prepare for the session by creating your astrogeography map with your date/time and location of birth, studying the energetics of planetary influences on your map and referring back to the questionaire to see what planetary influence would be most supportive to amplify what you desire and especially hone in on the places you are interested in, cross checking with your natal chart as well. It's detective work / fantasy travel and I love it.

After the session you will receive my short notes on the places you were interested in looking at.


- After you book your reading, I will get in touch with you to find the right time for your session with you. I always need at least two day to prepare.

- Readings for one person / couples /family last about 45-60min. I will prepare with your maps and all the locations you are curious about.

- Quickie readings last 20 min and are perfect if you are curious just about one place for relocating or vacations for up to 2 people.

- Readings are done via Skype or Facetime.

- Please include the exact city, country, time, and date of birth of each person that is included in the reading



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