Mars - magic face oil for men

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Meet our new magical face oil member - Mars

Earthy, mysterious and enticing. Like chopping wood, then putting on your hottest suit to mix the perfect gin tonic on a terrasse in Marseille.

Juniper berries, cedar wood, coffee and lemongrass notes create a sense of adventure and masculinity.

Created with herbs and scents for men to attract women ❤

This oil works amazingly on all skin types, it's soothing and uplifting. 
Base oils are organic sunflower oil, olive oil, apricot kernel oil, jojoba and grapeseed oil - a very balancing combination.

To use:
After a shower massage whatever amount of oil feels good for you into your damp facial skin. For an extra attraction boost massage some into your biceps and chest.


Sunflower oil / almond oil / grapeseed oil / olive oil / jojoba oil / pomegranat oil, apricot kernel oil.
Juniper essential oil / cedarwood essential oil / lemongrass essential oil 

Magical properties: exciting, uplifting, protective, get up and go.
Cosmetic properties: radiant and glowing complexion 

Juniper berries 
Magical properties : powerful, intoxicating, enticing
Cosmetic properties : for a clear complexion

Lemon grass,
Magical properties; for good luck, bringing in love
Cosmetic properties: clears pores, calms, soothes

Cedar wood
Magical properties: foundations, creation, solidity
Cosmetic properties: anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties

The herbs are solar infused. Created with the intention of attraction, love, strength and virility.
All handmade in small batches only when in the best mood.



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