Marvin Stripe Dress

$ 200.00 $ 140.00

.. Wearing your Marvin dress, red ballet flats and a woven basket- you are shopping for nectarines, tomatoes, basil and fresh bread at the old market in Valencia. You sip a little cortado at a market booth as the light shines into the market like in a cathedral...

Thin white/ blue striped soft cotton. Bottons on top. Fabric belt.

"Although I've been away so many lonely nights, you know I am back today, I am back to stay in your arms." -Bridget St. John

Bust: XS 94cm/37in * S 98cm/38.5in * M 102cm/40in * L 106cm/41.5in
Waist: XS 69cm/27in * S 73cm/28.5in * M 77cm/30.5in * L 81cm/31.5in
Skirt Length: 65.5cm/25.5in for all sizes



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