Night Still Blouse

$ 195.00 $ 90.00

...You have been floating away your worries in the thermal waters of the hotel Gellert in Budapest for hours. You put on the Night Still shirt and head out for a cup of hot chocolate to finish off the rest of the melancholia...

Delicious silk wool blend, hand printed. Original print by Nina. 

Bust: XS- 35 7/8" // S- 37 3/8" // M- 39" // L- 40.5"
Hip: XS- 37" // S- 38.5" // M- 40 1/8" // L- 41 3⁄4"

Cuff links. "Catch a, catch a, catch a, catch a falling star
Because you can't hold it"- Neko Case



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