Room With a View

SFr. 279.00 SFr. 98.00

...You brought out chairs on the rickety hotel balcony in Paris, having a glass of wine and a cookie, watching people walk by beneath feeling happy about nothing and everything...

This romantic chiffon dress is sheer, it looks great if you wear a slip underneath at your preferred length. It's a super romantic dress and comfortable as well! Even during chilly spring days it's great to wear it underneath a big cardigan.

vintage glass buttons on cuff, slim fit 

"This is the way

I always dreamed it would be
The way that it is, oh, oh" -Beach Boys

Bust: XS-32" // S- 34"// M- 35"// L- 37"
Waist: XS- 27"// S- 28"// M- 30"// L- 31"
Hip: XS- 41"// S- 43"// M- 44"// L- 46" 

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