The Protector necklace

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Lapis lazuli, onyx, clear crystal, emerald, pearl, mother-of-pearl, glass hand of Fatima

Length of each side of necklace: 24cm 

Prescription: Breaking through your glass ceiling, stepping on that next level 

Recipe: Pearl, Emerald, Lapis Lazuli, Pyrite and Hamsa

Lucky like a pearl, topping the charts with charm, seductive in its calm beauty.
Soothing and loving, beguiling like jasmine. Divine love and innocence brings strength.

Royal Emerald is a boss, it brings success, eloquence, and that extra power.

Lapis Lazuli
The bringer of luck in finance and career. It looks like the night sky and makes you feel that everything is possible, negative thoughts disappear into space.

Abundance and solid ground. A confident, sparkly helper. Incarnated sun energy. Leads the way fearlessly, dissolving negative energy and self-sabotaging tendencies in regard to success and shining your light

Clear Crystal
A palate cleanser of clear water.

Glass Hamsa
The open hand Hamsa protects and solidifies.

- Each piece hand made in Zurich, Switzerland with lots of love and care by Nina 
- Each one is made to order- production time is 7 days
- free shipping worldwide- priority from Switzerland
- wrapped in a vintage handkerchief, each one unique




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