Venus Magic Face Oil

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Do you want to linger more, preferably in silk sheets, eating raspberries and making out? Feeling lush and vibrant, really pleased with yourself?

Get into Alchemist Beauty  and the Venus Magic Face Oil!

It comes with a warning: it's hard to hide when you wear this oil. Feedback from some customers and friends have included: working magic for sex life, an old acquaintance professing their love suddenly, lovers and friends opening up and sharing from the depth of their heart. I cannot wait to hear more Venus oil stories from you! 

Employing the botanical cosmetic benefits of flowers, herbs, oils and essential oils. And then adding a whole other layer to this soothing, plumping face friend: the magical herbalism layer. The Venus oil is a bold invitation to full bloom beauty, love, romance, pleasure and art.

My intention is for you to take those few minutes to lovingly massage the Venus oil into your precious face, imagine what you're magnetizing to you. Hold this vision in your mind's eye while feeling and smelling the Venus oil. It will anchor that vision for you during the day. 

I am loving making the oils. The process starts with heaps of hibiscus and rose petals, cinnamon, star anise and vanilla beans soaked in almond oil, slowly infused by the sun and moon, surrounded by rose quartz. These are supercharged with Venus energy and super potent!

How does it smell?
It's subtle and soft yet intoxicating. The Venus oil lingers like a stroll through a flower field. Bright Rose, warm Vanilla, innocent Lavender and surprising Lemongrass. Colors get stronger with the light. A Spring morning dancing to the bakery.

If you want to sample it, check out the trial vial for $1, and I will send you a sample. 

Add a few drops or more into the palm of the hands and massage into your freshly washed, still dewy face and neck- rose water spray works great!

Magic properties
Hibiscus flower: Fun, free spirit, full bloom
Vanilla; Seduction and warmth
Rose; Total love, passion and beauty
Cinnamon: So lucky, speeds up love coming in and spices up love life
Damiana: Straight up attraction, lust and love, hot!
Lemongrass: Good luck!
Peach kernel oil: Great manifestor, bringing in an easier life

Beauty properties
Cinnamon bark: tightens and plumps
Pomegranate oil: a little face lift, nourishing.
Seabuckthorn oil: healing, anti aging
Rose essential oil: toning, astringent, anti-inflammatory, smoothing
Lavender essential oil: helps skin renew and heal itself
Lemongrass essential oil: minimizes pores and tightens skin
Rose hip oil: evening out skin tone

List of ingredients:
Herbs: Hibiscus flower, rose petals, vanilla bean, Damiana

Oils: Almond, grape seed, coconut, olive, peach kernel, pomegranate oil, seabuckthorn, rose hip

Essential oils: Rose, lemongrass, lavender



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