Victory copper water bottle

SFr. 60.00

Carry your Victory infused water in this luxurious vessel. Also check out our Golden Days bottle.

For a balancing, energizing morning elixir- store over night and drink upon rising.

 Here is a small selection of coppers magic:

- Oxygenates blood, beautifies hair and skin
- Antibacterial
- Supports immune system
- Helps in detoxing kidney and liver and with an upset stomach

Product details and care;

- leak proof
- water capacity: 750 ml
- height 22cm. /8.7"
Just use for cold or warm water. No hot water or lemon.

- Pure copper has the tendency to darken over time time. Easily maintain the shine  of the metal by washing and polishing with a solution of salt and lemon: squeeze half a lemon into the bottle add 1 tablespoon of salt and 1/2 a cup of water. Close the lid and shake and rinse with water. 

- Copper is self sterilizing and thus doesn't have to be cleaned as often as other water bottles. 


Ships from Switzerland 



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